I always feel uncomfortable and uneasy talking about myself, even if it means trying to promote my photography. I’d rather my portfolio speak for itself and if I absolutely have to fill a space, then I would prefer to talk about the people I have photographed, worked with and met along the way, because I have met some truly wonderful, talented and inspiring people.

The people in my images have not only provided me with a picture, but more often than not they have given me a special moment. I’ve been up close and looked into their eyes, which is a very powerful feeling. The majority of my photographs have been beautiful experiences, fuelling my passion for photography and ultimately for life.

My portfolio will always give me hope and a feeling of happiness. I will always be grateful to those I work with, to the people that have commissioned me and to everyone who have allowed me to photograph them.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at my portfolio as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Paul Crowther