Portraits – Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

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Sir Robin Knox-Johnston – Photographed in Gosport on the 25th January 2017.

Admittedly i knew nothing about yachting or sailing and didn’t possess any useful maritime knowledge prior to my shoot with the yachtsman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. However what i did have was an admiration of anyone that sets themselves and conquers super human challenges and Sir Robin did just that by sailing single handed, non stop around the world on his yacht the Suhaili in 1969.

Sir Robin was a fascinating guy. During my time photographing him and chatting with him I got an understanding of his strength of mind, his toughness and determination. He was definitely the type of guy you would want to be fighting alongside in the trenches. Strong-as-an-Ox, with an unflinching determination and a real passion to pursue life’s next adventure.


It’s incredibly powerful getting up close with my camera and then through my camera looking into the eye of a person that has lived an exciting, dangerous and thrilling life.¬†For me there is always a split moment during my process of capturing someones portrait where i wonder what this person has seen and experienced, its a feeling that enriches my hunger to photograph people. Then beyond the eyes is the brain, what does this person think? what makes this person the person who they are?. Taking portraits is a magical thing.

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(The above shots were taken of Sir Robin on his yacht the Suhaili).

Paul Crowther

25th January 2017