Portraits – Mr Antony Beevor

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In the run up to photographing the military historian, writer and author Mr Antony Beevor I had been indulging myself in the work of a few well known and respected artists. I visited the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich that featured exhibitions by the photographer Henry Cartier-Bresson and the sculptor Alberto Giacometti, then i visited the Tate gallery in Liverpool to check out the Francis Bacon exhibition.

The work of Francis Bacon unsettles me, I feel a sense of claustrophobia and an uneasiness whenever i view his work but as I entered his exhibition space at the Tate there was a picture of his cluttered and untidy studio that was taken just after his death that for me carried as much impact as his paintings. It instantly struck me that there, within the picture was a glimpse into the heart and soul of the artist. I felt like I was there, in his world, in his space, an uninvited but privileged visitor.

The space in which an artist or a writer does their work is what i find compelling. Having access to their working space gives us a glimpse into their world (and their brain!) and so I wanted to take this feeling and inspiration into my photoshoot with Antony Beevor. I wanted to capture an image of the writer and the fine detail of his working environment (see the above image).

Paul Crowther

14th June 2016