Portraits – Klaus Voormann

Klaus Voorman

Klaus Voormann photographed on the 10th September 2017

I had one of those days today that remind you of just how wonderful and amazing life can be. In the context of photography (and taking pictures) I was left with a feeling that will be very hard to beat. Today I photographed the artist and musician, Mr Klaus Voormann.

People who know me, know that I am a huge fan of The Beatles. I love everything about them; their incredible music, the characters in the band, their relationships, history… everything right down to the people associated with the band.  People like Klaus, who was there from the very beginning.  And I mean right there, involved and at the centre of the heartbeat of the greatest band of all time.

Klaus first met The Beatles when he stumbled upon them performing at the Kaiserkeller in Hamburg and remains their friend to this day.  He created the artwork for the album cover ‘Revolver’ in 1966 and then went on to collaborate on the majority of John, George and Ringo’s solo albums.

During the short time I had photographing Klaus I got a glimpse into his life, the people he had met, worked with and formed friendships with. Klaus described to me his time working with David Bowie and Lou Reed on the Transformer album and how he felt privileged and honoured to have witnessed Jimi Hendrix performing in the studio.

The way in which he described meeting John Lennon for the first time was deeply moving, poetic and powerful. He showed a tenderness and beauty towards his feelings for John.  Klaus said of John that he knew instantly that he was in the company of a genius, someone very, very special, someone that was quite extraordinary…

I’m finding it hard to sum up exactly what the day meant to me and this is just a short summary of my experience.  Klaus had a profound impact on me. He had a wonderful spirit, he was full of life, he was poignant in his reflections and had an ability to make me feel at ease. He was also very complimentary of my work, interested in me and my life and fully understood my need to question him on his life and in particular The Beatles.

A photoshoot that will forever be etched into my memory.

Paul Crowther

10th September 2017