Portraits – Sir Robin Knox-Johnston

portrait for blog Sir Robin Knox-Johnston – Photographed in Gosport on the 25th January 2017. Admittedly i knew nothing about yachting or sailing and didn’t possess any useful maritime knowledge prior to my shoot with the yachtsman Sir Robin Knox-Johnston. However what i did […]

Portraits – Wilko Johnson

wilko blog 1 Wilko Johnson photographed at Sheffield City Hall on the 7th October 2016 Approaching my photoshoot with Wilko Johnson i felt that it was important to capture Wilko’s spirit, personality and attitude. I wanted to avoid any kind of sombre tone that […]

Portraits – Mr Philip Jackson

PJ BLOG I headed down to the south of England with the thoughts of the EU referendum buzzing around my brain and the Rolling Stones buzzing around my ears and reached the studio of the sculptor Mr Philip Jackson just after mid-day. Philip Jackson […]

Portraits – Mr Antony Beevor

AB blog In the run up to photographing the military historian, writer and author Mr Antony Beevor I had been indulging myself in the work of a few well known and respected artists. I visited the Sainsbury Centre in Norwich that featured exhibitions by […]

Portraits – Mr Terry Waite CBE

terry waite blog   26th June 2015 – Mr Terry Waite CBE I arrived in Suffolk just before midday to photograph Mr Terry Waite. Terry Waite was well known for being an envoy to the Church of England during the 1980’s and spent most of his […]

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